Mehrdad Tavakkolian

[a visual mind] Integration Expert, Architect

BArch. MArch,Eng. cSBA. LEED AP. PMP. PgMP. OAA. AIA. 


Managing Director /T Logic/

BIM / Virtual Construction & Design Division

Tucker HiRise Construction, Inc.

Great Gulf Group




I am an architect, currently involve in construction management practice. Our innovative management approach in Tucker incorporates an efficient platform for design and construction of buildings.


Bedrock of this platform uses BIM to achieve optimum result in:



·         Effective stakeholder engagement

·         Information Management System

·         Quality Assurance

·         Coordinate the design & construction documents

·         Monitor and Control design process

·         Construction Planning

·         Accurate Quantity takeoff

·         Identify Risks

·         Procurements Support

·         Sustainable design and Construction


The most critical and important survivor skills in today’s information age is the ability to logically organize information gathered from many different sources then make informed decision by analyzing this data. This is what I do!




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